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10 August 2008 @ 05:20 pm
Let's make it clean and simple.
I've got myself a place to live in Edinburgh.
I just booked my flights this morning.
A month from now I'll be living, breathing, being in the UK.

So yes, after feeling other people's desbelief towards me making it, moving abroad to study, I've basically done just that. Not perhaps implemented it, but at least I've got everything set up. And my mood right now is beyond words; it's a mixture of joy, excitement, panic, fear and relief. I'm not saying I'm going there to just come back, I'm not saying I'm going there to stay there for the rest of my life, I'm just saying that it's what I've been dreaming of in my little mind for the past couple of years without even realizing I have. And I'm bloody hell going to make the most of it, even though I've gotten nothing but resentment from my mom, suspicion from my relatives and a positive feedback from everyone else. A bit contradictory, taking notice that I'd rather have it the other way round.

The summer's been a mixture of everything. Mostly I've been hellishly busy doing nothing that special to be mentioned, meaning work, seeing friends (or more accurately, siprim <3) and doing sports. We found a place to ride, and I should in fact be preparing for that just now, but I'm stuck in here instead. Anyway, I wish we had found that place a couple of years ago, back in the days when we still would've had the chance to ride for more than a month. The horse is adorable, I think he must be one of the best ones I've ever come across. Oh, and this must be mentioned: during the past months I've had these outbursts of acting like a teengirl. But let's face it, I sort of skipped that part when I was supposed to be going through it, so let me have my teengirlish moments. They're the ones that have kept me going on when my mind has refused to ignore all the stress, panic and anxiety. :3

Now I'm off to ride. Take care lovers~
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16 May 2008 @ 09:12 am
I guess I could say I'm done with Joensuu for a while now. After visiting the damn town three times in this week and last, which I consider quite a lot, taking notice that I've never been much of a Jns-goer. -_- What distinguished yesterday's visit when compared to that last two was that I was actually able to enjoy it pretty much, thanks to sonaie. :3 The reason for us to go to Jns in the first place (apart from her unbelievable craving for going there 8D) was that I needed shoes for my graduation party, and after some hopeless hours of searching I managed to find shoes that I adore. *_* The worst part is, though, that I'm going to have to learn how to walk with high-heels, again. In front of an audience, again. :<< I'm already having nightmares of how I'll roll down the stairs as if in slow-motion pictures. -_-

Yesterday I also did something very unminjaish by buying a perfume. Me, one of the most ungirlish girls in the world. But after having smelled my hand the whole day (as we had visited the perfume-section of Sokos quite early), and most probably looked like a maniac for doing so, I figured I definitely needed that perfume. .D

So yeah, I've got the outfit for the graduation party, thanks to higher powers. I'm hoping I won't have to do formal-clothes-shopping ever again, ugh.

From now on I guess my life will be as hellishly busy as it's been for the last few weeks, with the entrance test book and graduation party haunting me. Not to mention hubblebubble at work, a very random walking-buddy who surprised me and the slightly school-girlish qualities that I've found in myself recently. DD:
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06 May 2008 @ 06:40 pm
I spent this morning and day in Joensuu, desperately trying to find something to wear on the graduation day. I had known it would be a total nightmare, and yet it managed to strengthen my aversion to shopping for party dresses. Whatsmore, I still didn't find the perfect dress (and I doubt I never will) and will have to return to Jns on Thursday again. -_- God help me. I've got three dresses at home right now for try-outs, but there's something wrong with each of them and I don't feel comfortable in any of them. Ugh, and there's still the shoe-shopping. Why cannot I be one of those superficial and so-called perfect girls who live to shop and look good no matter what they wear?

Let's step into more important things now that the emo-part is somewhat gone. I received the results for the IELTS-test yesterday. It honestly felt as if I had lost my nerves on that morning, waiting for the post to come. And when I actually had the envelope in my hands, I couldn't bring myself to open it for two hours. DD: Nightmares of getting an overall of 4 or 5 that I experienced in the previous nights clearly had something to do with it heh. When I finally took some action and ripped the envelope open (thanks for encouraging me, siprim-hon <3), came a sigh of relief and shaking. Bloody hell, I have the grades Edinburgh requires of me! *__* Now it's all up to the finals, but there should be nothing to worry about in those. I'm speechless.

Fangirl-part. I experienced a somewhat weak moment a few months ago and sent a fangirl-like e-mail to TigerLou. What I didn't expect was an answer, and that's exactly what I received on last Sunday. *-* It's nothing much, but it's wonderful and somehow weird to think that the man behind all those beautiful songs actually took the time to get back to me. Now I'm even more eagerly waiting for the new album that'll be published sometime in next autumn, if apartialprint.blogspot.com is anything to go by.

Work-part. I made it alive on Sunday. He's actually a human being; not as great as Jampasteri but I don't think I'll have problems working for him. One tiny problem might appear, though; I'll have to wear Nuotta-byxorna. Ugh.
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I don't remember experiencing as random a Saturday as yesterday in a long time. In a positive sense, that is. It was the first Saturday when I wasn't occupied with work in ages; having a Saturday all for yourself truly gave me something. I took spontaneous action by asking Sharon if she wanted to come to stay at my place, which she did. We spent a few hours doing nothing special, some girly talk, some serious talk and some random music listening. One thing I did come to realize was that I sometimes stutter when speaking English, which frustrates the heck out of me. But I guess that cannot be helped by anything other than pure practise. ._. After a while I drove her back home, which was when the funny and yet embarrassing moments started. We had to pick her bicycle at some crossroads on our way to Kuorevaara, and of course I had to stop the car uphill. (And to make a few things straight; I'm not the most confident driver, especially with dad's car and having to start the car uphill.) As I clearly didn't have luck on my side, of course there was a car coming behind us and I had to ask him if he could wait for a few moments while we put the bicycle on to the holder. And what increased my level of embarrassment was that I had to ask him to reverse his car a bit so that I could reverse my car in turn to be able to make it to the top of the little hill. -__- Well, then our journey started and of course he followed us. At some point I realized we hadn't fastened the front cycle of the bike tight enough, and stopped at the nearest bus stop. It turned out he stopped as well, having realized the problem, too. Oh gosh I didn't know whether to laugh or cry in that situation. DX Went for the first one. He fixed the bike and our journey could continue and fortunately no further problems occurred.

To be honest I was rather surprised that men of that kind actually exist in Finland, he was very polite. And yet I cannot help thinking what he must have thought: "How can she have a driving licence, huh?" My dad promised to teach me how to make a proper uphill-start as I clearly have forgotten how to make one without the car stopping a million times (and am even too insecure to try).

I'm not sure if I've mentioned about this before, but I have sent an application to a university in Finland and will have the entrance tests on 26th and 27th of May. The book that I need to revise for them is George Yule's The Study of Language, which I've been trying to absorb over the past few weeks whenever I've had the time and patience to do so (which isn't as often as I should've). The surprising thing is that I can actually say I like the book, it's the million terms and expressions that I should know by heart that don't quite appeal to me. Applying for a Finnish university is really a back-up plan, something that I had to do because my folks insisted. I chose Yule's book over the other one (Kielitieteen perusteet or something like that) simply because I thought that reading a book in English about languages would be more of a benefit for me, given that it's highly probable that I'll have to read books of the same theme in the future. ^-^ Which brings me to the next topic; tomorrow could be quite a huge day. It's not a matter of life and death, but something like that. The day of the results of the IELTS-test.

I'd better get going, got to go to work today. I'll be alone with the new boss and his wife, gulp. Why am I the first one to be tested? O_o

PS. How is it possible that the birds with the most annoying singing voices end up spending their times under my window every night? Arrrr.
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01 May 2008 @ 12:45 pm
First of all, I just don't get this weather. The only few things that are missing (as for summer) are bugs and leaves in trees. The heat is there (+26 degrees in the sun, at least according to our thermometer), the sun is up there, the summer-vibe is there. I just got back home from a rather hotty walk and am now in high spirits because of the summer-feeling. 8D

It was the eve of May Day yesterday. This festival is all for nothing for me, I've never really understood why it exists in the first place. Possibly so that people could have an easy excuse to get drunk, or that's the conclusion I made yesterday anyway. My May Day eve consisted of a hellishly long and busy day at work, a relaxingly long run and normally long period in front of the telly. ^-^ I've developed this annoying habit of watching TV until midnight, after which I make my way upstairs and quickly fall to bed and am instantly asleep (it's handy as I used to have problems falling asleep). What isn't as handy is the fact that I need to close the door to the attic before that (the usual cooling-project for my room, I like it to be cool in here at night). And given that I'm already half-asleep when I do it, you can imagine there's an extra-possibility for me to end up my fingers broken (note that there's no such thing called handle on the door, you just need to pull it for it to be closed). -_- That's what happened last night. O_O Swearing, I rushed downstairs to cool my fingers under running water and somehow, seeing blood rushing out of the knuckles of my middle and ring fingers, I started to feel dizzy. Had I not realized to lay myself on the floor, I would've probably fainted. :< I don't get it, I'm usually not the kind of person who gets sick when seeing blood. But what's most important, the fingers aren't broken. They're sore and wounded but not broken. Having broken fingers and working on the cash desk wouldn't probably have been the best combination.

My boss is about to change. -_- The new one is some 40-something man from Oku and he'll start bossing around next week. Ugh, I don't want Jampasteri to go.

Somebody please help me; there's a feeling inside me that says I should download Tokio Hotel's album.
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This is mainly written for myself so that I can get back to those memories whenever I want to, but in case you're interested in an uninteresting trip to Hki, don't hesitate hehe. ^-^

THU (17th)
Ohmy, where to begin.. Okey, my computer started messing up with me on Thursday evening, saying that there's a Trojan-virus somewhere inside it. -_- As I'm not that experienced when it comes to viruses (+ the fact that mom nearly lost her mind when she found out about this, which is quite hilarious, considering that she knows absolutely nothing about computers and only uses them to deal with her bank-issues), I decided to start scanning the whole computer. This happened somewhere around 11in the evening and I had to leave the computer switched on for the whole night, which basically meant that I couldn't sleep much because of the noise of this machine, which is actually kind of loud. At about four in the morning I woke up to find that the scanning had been done, but that my precious-old-shitty computer was unable to delete the viruses that had been found. Nice, I thought. So there was nothing I could do but ask my folks to take the computer to see a doctor (meaning this ugly-self-important datahelp-guy in Pvi) and hope for the best. Later it turned out that it wasn't such a big deal at all, my computer is alive, breathing and kicking the way it always has. Thanks to lord for that, but to be honest, that whole scenario wasn't something I needed on the eve of my Hki-trip.

FRI (18th)
Apart from the pain in my ass and a delay for half an hour, the train trip to Hki went off as expected. Naturally there were some crying babies in our carriage, but I could block them out with my MP3-player (Keane is great train-music ^-^). I was able the revise Grammar on the way as well, although I don't know if it helped at all. Arriving in
Helsinki on a Friday afternoon is something I recommend not to experience if it's been a while since you last saw crowded places or big masses. DX But then again, actually seeing people who were about the same age as I am really made me remember that there is a world out there, waiting to be entered. Quite a lot of money got spent on that afternoon; I bought some clothes and books (a lonely planet guide to Edinburgh <3 and a paperback the events of which are located in the same city :33). After that I couldn't help being a tourist by taking a map out of my bag and start searching for the hostel/hotel (I'm not quite sure even now which it was) where I had booked a room. After an undefined amount of time I finally reached the place which turned out to be a shabby-looking building that was crowded with shabby-looking foreign people, but I was relieved when I saw the condition of the rooms of which I’ve got nothing to complain. The rest of the evening passed by being panicky about the upcoming test, and I finally managed to fall asleep around one at night..

SAT (19th)
..only to wake up at six in the next morning. -_- I didn’t even mess up with the metro (yep, I know Hki’s metro is the simplest one in the world, and having survived the London metro should’ve convinced me that there’d be no problems with Hki’s but somehow I still doubted myself) and arrived the Edupoli building in time. Which brings us to the test itself. ._.’ First we had three of the four modules; Listening,
Reading and Writing. I think I failed to some extent in all of them, partly because of the panicky feeling and partly because well, let’s face it, I just failed. There were three long texts and 40 questions in the Reading module and an hour to finish the assignments so that went off too quickly. I wouldn’t have failed at Writing if only I had been clever enough to start counting the words in my texts a little earlier. ._. So I had to make up something crazy in the last minute to get the limit of 150 words for the first task filled. The second one, the importance of which was greater, we were told, was a bit longer than they had required, but I don’t want to stress about those until the 3rd of May, which is when I’ll most probably receive the results. Given that I felt I had failed in the first three modules, my hopes weren’t exactly high when I thought about the Speaking part. Sitting among the other panicky participants and waiting for your name to be called was like waiting the end to come. My supervisor/interviewer was a quite old Englishman who turned out to be genial and kind, making me feel a bit more relaxed. I absolutely adored his accent, although I seem to adore everyone’s accent, as long as they are from the British Isles hehe. I left the room after the Speaking module (which lasted for about 15 minutes, during which we talked about Pvi (oh darn), clothing, mobile phones and languages) feeling unbelievably relieved and surprised that it had gone so easily. Had to do something very unlike me; made a spontaneous phone call to siprim, just to hype about the test being over hehe. ^-^ After that I made my way to the centre again, and spent some more money and felt irritated because of all the teeny people that were crowding there. Then it was time to catch the train and come back home. Unfortunately I lost the wonderful and spectacular feeling that you get when you’re away from Pvi yesterday when going to work, but that was something I expected. And I did enjoy the feeling while it lasted. .D If all goes well, I’ll get to live in that feeling in about 4 and a half months, yippee. Surely it won’t all be glamorous, but I’m not in the mood to start thinking about that just now.
That's it. Byebye, I'm off to work.
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13 April 2008 @ 01:52 pm
Isn't it just mind-blowing and soothing at the same time to sit down, switch on the computer, log in to LiveJournal and start typing some random shit about your life? The feeling is fabulous. 8D I wouldn't usually say what I just said, but it's these facts that are to blame: 1) I honestly haven't been able to switch on my computer in two bloody days! 2) Now that I did manage to do it, this crappy thing has found some miraculous way to work fast and without me losing my mind. I guess he (I always picture my computer to be a he, some inner man-craving version of me trying to come out?) has finally taken my hints about wiping out the whole hard drive seriously and refuses to let go of life. XD

Besides the not-hurry that I've been busy with during this week with work and a dog to care for, not much has happened. There was some unnecessary drama with one of my toes at the start of the week, however. It's happened two times before, and I think what caused it to start again this time was last Saturday at work, when I dropped a layer, to where beer bottles are supposed to be put, on to it. There was a tingling feeling and I just knew what was coming. Well, come Sunday and the underneath of my toe was actually bursting out, which made the nail to swell, too. It was damn painful to wear shoes for a few days, but now the next step has been taken and it's just disgusting-looking but not sore anymore. I cannot wait for the moment when it's time to start digging the dry blood away. DX

There were a few things that I had promised to myself to take care of this week. Unsurprisingly, I failed to implement some of them. I did go to KELA to discuss about student aid things abroad, and I walked away being no wiser than I had been in the first place. -_- But hey, at least mom can no longer accuse me of not finding out about things. .D The lady there couldn't say anything for sure, as there seem to be changes that'll take place in next autumn. They didn't have those leaflets for students, either. The only advice I actually got was to go to KELAs website and draw some information from there. D: And to say that to me, who becomes extremely pissed off when having to read law-like texts, was like asking a drunkie to buy one bottle instead of a 12-bottle-box (any idea for a 'mäyräkoira' in English XD ..blame it on the drunks at Pvi and the fact that they have decided to do their beer-shopping at gay-market  that I've become like this). The other thing that I did manage to do this week that I promised myself to do was to make some sense to the huge pile of school books that has just been thrown on to my floor. Now they're sorted, prised and waiting for someone to buy them. I'm going to put an ad on school wall and hope to do some business. ^-^

I drove over a squirrel this morning. O_O' ..or to be more precise, I don't know if I actually did. All I know is that it came out of nowhere right in front of my car and I had no time to dodge it or slow my car or even to start screaming. I didn't feel a bump (meaning it would've been driven over) but I guess an animal as little as a squirrel doesn't actually cause any kind of bump. ..that sounded cruel. At driving school they said that we shouldn't try to pull over because of an animal smaller than a hare but, nevertheless, I feel sad about the squirrel. I'm hoping it got away before being smashed and that it'll be able to live its life happily ever after throwing cones at people. If I did kill it, may it rest in peace.
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Wow, d00md00m, it's been two weeks since I last updated. This is really getting serious. DX To cut those two weeks short: finals are over, Minja's working and nothing else is happening. I cannot say it's like it's always been as it clearly isn't -  a fact that I'm extremely happy about. I booked my IELTS-test a while ago, it'll take place on 19th of this month, whoop. At the moment it seems that the test is the only thing that might ruin my chances of getting into Edin since the finals have gone the way they require - even German felt so easy I cannot remember ever having done as easy a matriculation exam of German as I did on last Friday. o_O Too bad those who have studied the longer course of the language also take part in the shorter exam so I'm hanging on the edge of getting L or E with 284 points. X_x But we'll see, it reeeally doesn't make any difference which one I get as I'm only required to get an E anyways. 8D

The following includes some random things that are somewhat current in my life:
* Yaay, Pontta is coming to stay with us next Sunday, and he'll be spending the whole week at our place. :33 We also had Tuholainen last week for a few days, he's the cutest creature you can possibly imagine. <3 Honestly, if that dog doesn't get your spirits up, you're a hopeless case. ^-^
* My mom and I just made some Karelian pastries, aww. That's a skill I'm definitely taking with me once (it might be too hopeful to think WHEN I go to Scotland instead of IF, but I still prefer the when-attitude .D) I move abroad - a life without Karelian pastries isn't a life worth living hehe.
* It seems summer has made an invasion into Finland. 8DD The sun is shining and if it wasn't for the snow, people might actually be mistaken to think it's June or something. I'm loving it, even though the huge amount of snow that we got last week is melting, which means all the gravel roads are flooded with water in daytime and hellishly slippery once the sun sets. But yeah, this is soooo much better than the all-grey weather we've had all winter.

I cannot resist the temptation of freshly-made Karelian pastries anymore, haha~
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19 March 2008 @ 01:56 pm
First (I started typing först, how creepy is that? DX ..had Swedish matriculation exam today, gosh) of all I'd like to say I'm sorry for ignoring everyone and not being around that much lately and not commenting on entries. It seems I've been sucked in by this major hurry, although the hurry is most probably only in my head. And to update one's LJ while feeling there're loads of things you've got to do -> not a good idea simply because you'll end up feeling even more lazyass than you did before. But now I've allowed myself to have a moment of lazyness haha.

Five exams behind, only one more to go. 8DD ..and it won't be until Friday 28th. Miraculously none of the test has been overly difficult, or at least I think so at the moment. Last week we had Finnish (bumped into Tiina a few days later in S-Market, how frikkin bizarre is that? O_O I mean firstly, she doesn't live in Poltsi so why in hell would she do her shopping here, and secondly, how is it possible that I just happened to do my shopping at the same time as she did? *pissed* A few minutes' torture of blabbering about my shitty essay was unavoidable. -_-), maths (I could barely believe what I saw the moment they handed the sheets; the tasks were unbelievably easy Ö_Ö) and English. Now I just came back home from school (Swedish, which didn't seem that bad either). One more exertion and then it's over. *_*

I just realized it's March already, meaning lots and lots of CD's coming out in no time! Tiger Lou, Coldplay, Staind (?) etc. PLUS Provinssin, got the tickets the next day I booked them on net. I was impressed by the quick delivery! ^-^ Awww, there's nothing like a music addiction. <3 (my social life must really be miserable considering that I confide to music haha XD) Speaking of social life, working at a store really bumps up your social being heh. You'll see so many people every day, most of them are the same, which means that you'll form a sort of customer-worker -bond with some of them. One of them being a drunken middle-aged man who keeps wishing me good luck with matriculation exams. XD But I'm not complaining (yet and as long as Batman is not the case); being around people must be better than just sitting inside the house all evening, having a computer (although I'm not underrating folks on net) and TV as your company. ^-^
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07 March 2008 @ 04:19 pm
Matriculation examinations are approaching at the speed of light, and I still have no motivation whatsoever to use more than a couple of hours a day to revise for the damn exams. At this point I think it's best to just give up hope, and hope for the best (jeez, that sounded contradictary 8D). It's been ages since the last time I did anything for Finnish, or German. ..the latter one being the one subject I reeally should be focusing on. Well, the d00m-day of German isn't until at the end of this month so there's still plenty of time. That's the mantra I keep telling myself, and I also keep trying to avoid admitting the fact that taking a 3-week-break from reading German must have an effect. Once I'm done with Finnish, maths and English (*feels the pressures growing as the list goes on*), then it's time to start revising for the last two tests. Period.

I worked on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week, and will work tomorrow as well. It was supposed to be only Tuesday, Wed and Sat, but my boss (it's not easy trying to write about Jani as my 'boss' as I usually just call him 'Jampasteri' XD ..which is the name that my mom came up with, so don't blame my twisted imagination) phoned me on Monday morning and asked if I could shelve the last few carts that were left from Saturday. And me, being unable to say 'no', agreed to do the job. It only took about two and a half hours but hey, it messed up my reading plans so I didn't progress that much with maths or English on Monday. Nor did I progress with those on Tuesday and Wednesday. Instead I was harassed by the ugliest person on this planet, who just happens to visit Nuotta every single day and surely takes his time while doing so. It was at least five times that he visited the store on Tuesday, and I'm not lying. -_- Plus he's super-annoying, always commenting on everything (well actually he comments on something/anything even though you try to ignore him) and he thinks he's veeery intelligent -> Minja's going crazy every time she sees him. ..and I don't mean 'crazy' in the positive sense of the word. We used to call him 'batman' when we were in primary school because he rode his bike along the main street (the only street DX) in Poltsi while we were in our breaks. AND I've heard rumours that he had actually abused young girls, which just makes me loathe him even more. So yeah, be prepared; I guess I'll be writing quite a lot about him in days to come. He's a stress/hatred-raiser.

Tonight it's time for socializing! 8D We're going to the cinema to watch the movie called Sweeney Todd, which everyone has hyped about and I cannot wait to see it. ..if we ever manage to get to Jns, me driving. Gulp. It seems like I've been lacking social life in the last few days (weeks/years/..my whole life) - being a smiley-face to old ladies and drunks doesn't count as 'social life' in my opinion heh, although being a cashier is something I really like, believe it or not. At least if you don't mess up big time, or if there are some interesting (or at least sane) people to attend. ..which is not the case over here too often, but there are some exceptions. ^-^

Now I'm off to revise the last course of maths, lalalaa.
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